Stainless Steel Tubing Fabrication

We fabricate and install stainless steel pipes for a wide range of processes


Stainless Steel Pipe fabrication is our bread and butter, it is what we do daily. We fabricate stainless steel tubing for different types of processes.

Such as the following:

  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)
  • Product Piping (Could be milk, liquor, perfume, medicine etc.)
  • Water Supply Lines
  • Steam lines
  • Air Lines
  • Hand Railing
  • Plus Custom Fabrications of Stainless steel pipe

We know that stainless steel has different grades, so we use the correct grade for e certain process. For an example, we always use 316 stainless steel pipe for CIP line, due to the corrosion caused by the heat, caustic & acid during the Clean in Place process.

We then normally use the (lower priced than 316) 304 stainless steel pipe for product lines, because these are less corrosion intensive. Even though we steel recommend 316 Tubing for all the Factory processes. Also, our welds are hygienic, we purge weld every thing – not just product lines!

For your steam line needs, the lightest pipe we use is a schedule 40. We may use the same size for condensate lines too, or the schedule 10 piping. It really depends on various aspects though, such as saturated or superheated steam duties. We may use stainless tubing or carbon steel tubing, depending on what you want for your pipe installation.

Looking for Stainless steel pipework fabricators for your next project? We’re here to work with you!

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